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Traditional tavern in Syros island




Plakostroto, one of the most traditional taverns of Syros, combines the good food with the wonderful view!
We are open daily from noon.

menu indicator
V, N, D, G, P, A

V - Vegetarian
N - Contains Nuts
D - Contains Dairy
G - Contains Gluten
P - Contains Pork
A - Contains Alcohol




Greek Salad D
tomato, cucumber, onion, green pepper, olives, capers, feta cheese & wild oregano

Dakos (with feta or skotyri cheese) DG
wheat risk, tomato, feta or skotyri cheese, capers & olives

Tomato-cucumber V
tomato, cucumber, olives & capers

chickpeas mixed with tomato, cucumber, green pepper, spring onion, spinach, fresh basil & lemon-and-olive-oil dressin

Fresh green beans D
fresh grated tomato, spring onion, spearmint leaves, skotyri cheese, homemade olive oil & vinegar dressing

Beets & Walnuts DN
παντζάρια με φρέσκα μυρωδικά, καρύδια, λαδίξιδο & γιαούρτι
beets with fresh herbs, walnuts, olive oil & vinegar dressing & yogurt


Cold Meze

Tzatziki spread D
yogurt - garlic, fresh dill, cucumber & olive oil - vinegar

Caper-Mayo spread D
caper, yogurt, mayo, spring onion, olive oil &vinegar

Creamy yellow fava beans
fava beans, onion, fresh parsley, lemon jest & extra virgin olive oil

Eggplant salad V
eggplant, Florina pepper, onion & chopped parsley and dill leaves

Skordalia N
crushed garlic-potato purre with extra virgin olive oil & fresh herbs


in case of allergy or food intolerance, please let us know


Greek Cheese Bar

San Michali - Syros' cheese

Saganaki San Michali (pan-seared cheese) G

Oven baked Feta cheese

Feta cheese Ladorigani with extra virgin olive oil & oregano

Salty creamy cheese from Syros

Feta Kataifi G


Larder Delicacies

Stuffed Eggplants with minced meat sauce

Local deep fried mushrooms G

Fried meat balls the Cyclades style G

Meat balls in tomato sauce G

Cheese - pastrami rolls & yogurt dip GD

Zucchini chips with potato-garlic dip G

Mini cheese pies GD

Hand cut fries

Hand cut fries with Skotyri Cheese D

Prasokeftes with leek and oat groat G

Tigania fried liver with rosemary G


in case of allergy or food intolerance, please let us know


Traditional Flavoured

Slow cooked rooster in tomato-wine sauce G
served with homemade Hilopites pasta or hand cut fries

Pork tender in wine-fennel sauce

Exochiko D
oven baked goat tender with tomato, green pepper, Feta & wild oregano, wrapped in non-stick baking paper

Lamb Shank D
slow cooked with tomato - marjoram sauce and Feta crumble, served with Hilopites pasta

Beef Stew Patatato
slow cooked in tomato sauce with hand cut fries


Homemade Hilopites Pasta from Syros

With chunky tomato sauce & Anthotyros cheese DG

With spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and Feta cheese G

Spaghetti with basil-tomato sauce G


in case of allergy or food intolerance, please let us know



Pork belly

Lamb chops

Pork steak (with bone)

Beef steak (with bone)

Chicken breast

Ginger-coriander chicken ribs G

Local sausage

Beef patty

Beef patty stuffed with cheese & tomato


Served with fresh green salad & hand cut fries


For Sharing

Pork belly (per kilo)

Lamb chops (per kilo)


in case of allergy or food intolerance, please let us know



Ιn case of allergy or food intolerance, please let us know.