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Traditional tavern in Syros island




Do you dream of a holiday with retro atmosphere, the quality and greatness of the old days with the Aegean background?
Syros is your island.

Ermoupoli and Ano Syros: two hills, an Orthodox and a Catholic community, imposing neoclassical and Cycladic alleys. On this island of the Cyclades, contrasts are united in a burglar breeze, from the marbled squares to the Delagratsia villas. In the capital of the Cyclades, you will want to make it your home, as did so many who have sought here the quality of life of another era and have given Syros life all year round.





Worth Seeing


  • The Bosphorus of the bourgeois
  • Walk to Ermoupolis
  • The Ano Syros of Vamvakaris
  • Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis
  • The Letters and the Old Cave





organized cosmopolitan shady beach with sea sports.

organized shady sandy east beach with taverns and bars.

south beach with sand and pebbles.

Armeos / Agia Pakou,
a beach located to the left of the bay of Galissas and under the hill of Agia Pakou, constant nudity of the nudists.

organized shady southern beach.

the largest and best organized shady beach with water sports on the island.

an idyllic western beach with sand and pebbles.

picturesque sandy beach with enchanting sunset.

a small windy beach with sand and pebbles in the southwest of the island near the Phoenix.

small windy shady beach with sand and pebbles.

small windy bay with a shady sandy beach, in the homonymous settlement, 1km south of Kiniou.

Megas Gialos,
organized lacy beach with sand and pebbles, with small quiet shady creeks.

Megali Agali,
a deserted beach on the islet of Gaidouri or Fanari (ancient Diphi) across from Ermoupolis, access is possible only by boat.

organized small beach with sand and pebbles.

a small, deserted, quiet beach with sand and pebbles in the south of the island.

a small, deserted, quiet beach with sand and pebbles in the south of the island.

very well organized southwest beach with sand and pebbles.

small deserted rocky beach. Access from the beach of Azolimnos is made by a path of 15 minutes.

Northwest Beaches - access by boat or organized hiking, necessary with a guide, from

Apano Meria: Varvarousa, Aetos, Leia, Grammata, Megas Lakos, Marmari, Avlaki.